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The Seventh Century Across Cultures: a panel at Kalamazoo, May 2014

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Call for Papers: The Seventh Century Across Cultures

Panel sponsored by the Seventh Century Studies Network
49th International Congress on Medieval Studies, May 8-11, 2014

Drawing inspiration from the recent Edinburgh Seventh Century Colloquium, this session will attempt to bring together scholars from different disciplines studying the seventh century in order to promote discussion and the cross-fertilization of ideas.  We will explore how wider perspectives can be used to formulate new approaches to source material, drawing out fresh perspectives on both the familiar and unfamiliar.

The session will be an examination of whether the seventh century can be studied as a unit across regions or whether the period represents a break in the longue durée.  What was the level of discontinuity between the ‘long sixth’ and ‘long eighth’ centuries? 

We invite those working in archaeology, art history, history, literature, numismatics, and religion, as well as in fields including Byzantine, Celtic, Classics, Islamic, and Late Antique studies to submit 100 word abstracts for papers of approximately 20 minutes that engage with aspects of continuity and/or discontinuity during the long seventh century.

We seek to have an interdisciplinary panel that reflects the various ways that questions of continuity and discontinuity can be addressed.

Please send proposals and a Participant Information Form (link below) to  by September 1.

The Participant Information Form can be downloaded in MS Word or pdf
format from

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